HGV Driver - Tamworth, UK

Suttons Group - HGV Driver based in UK

Fuelling the flame

SAFETY If, as it forecast, there is to be a massive increase in the number of gas-powered vehicles using LNG, then there will also need to be an increase in the number of LNG filling stations. This has raised some safety concerns

LNG station in Tilbury

International relations

CONFERENCE REPORT While the annual VCA Update Seminar offers UK industry a chance to get up to speed on the latest rule changes, it also offers a broader perspective, both geographically and chronologically

VCA Seminar 2014 speaker giving presentation

Trouble in paradise

ROAD TANKERS Australia’s road tanker sector has come under intense scrutiny after two fatal incidents within the last year

This past August 7, a BP tanker trailer detached from the cab while driving near Wodonga, in north-eastern Victoria.

Road tanker on fire in a street after accident

What winners do

STRATEGY The logistics industry has faced huge challenges over the past few years including one of the worst recessions in history, driver shortages and historic fuel price volatility.

Clugston road tanker

Suttons buys Imperial

The Suttons Group has acquired the UK road tanker assets of Imperial Tankers, which it describes as “one of the largest bulk chemical transport companies in the UK”.

Union Jack

UK Road tanker operators are marking long histories and continuing to consolidate, while also being able to take advantage of developments in the structure of the UK fuels distribution market

Suttons safety road tanker

Working for the clampdown

ROAD TANKERS Authorities in the UK are tightening their oversight of third-party certifications after it emerged that there were problems with certificates issued by at least one inspection body

GRW road tanker
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