steel drums

Leader of the pack

RESULTS Greif, the world's largest producer of industrial packagings, has finished 2013 with an improved bottom line, thanks in part to its recent IBC investments 

Pete Watson from Greif

New face for steel drums

The Steel Shipping Container Institute (SSCI) has renamed itself as the Industrial Steel Drum Institute, and revamped its website.

Mauser sells US reconditioning unit

Mauser Group has sold its US steel drum reconditioning business, American Container Net, to Industrial Container Services (ICS) of Montebello, California.

India drums up growth

The Indian market for 210 litre steel drums has traditionally grown at around 3 to 4 per cent per annum, but the past three years have seen “accelerated growth of perhaps five to six per cent”

Sulo activates new drum line

Germany’s Sulo has brought online a new state-of-the- art steel drum production line at its plant in Herford.

OMCE foresees new products

Italian-headquartered OMCE reports that the local steel drum market is currently “reducing by 5 to 10 per cent” per annum.

Drums with love

MANUFACTURING In a difficult environment, Chicago-based Skolnik Industries is continuing to prosper thanks to its broad range of specialist drums, technical know-how and unique customer approach

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