Smart energy

PUMPS Demands put on liquids storage terminals appear to be at cross-purposes: maximise throughput while minimising energy consumption. As utility costs rise, sliding vane pump technology is the preferred choice for energy efficient operation, as Tom Stone explains*

Pipes above ground

Ancillary essentials

EQUIPMENT Producers of tank components and related equipment are raising their profiles in the market ever higher with new products and continued expansion

Civaflo road tanker valves

Risk before reward

PUMPS The Wenner family took something of a gamble in expanding their local supply business to encompass a regional LPG distribution terminal. But the success of the Wenner Gas Terminal has depended on contributions from specialist engineers and equipment suppliers, as Bill Holmes* explains

Wenner family at their LPG terminal

Pump and circumstance

TECHNOLOGY Pump manufacturers have been very busy of late developing new products and improving technologies.

Super seal

PUMPS Particularly aggressive products like hydrogen peroxide place great stresses on terminal equipment. Blackmer reports how its System One pumps have helped out one US operator

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