Norgas strategy paying off

IM Skaugen has posted a loss of $4.5m for the third quarter, an improvement on the $6.8m loss in the second period.

The last next big thing

STRATEGY The gas shipping market is the focus of much excitement and investment right now, but as IM Skaugen reveals, the past few years have been something of a roller-coaster for established players

LNG tanker Norgas Innovation

Pumping gas

MARKETS Last year was a pretty good one for most operators of LPG carriers, and their year-end results point to the rapidly changing landscape for the trades in liquefied petroleum gases worldwide

LPG tanker BW Princess

Trading up

LPG TANKERS The development of shale gas resources in North America could have a significant impact on global LPG tanker trades. At least, that is what operators are hoping as they seek new trades to soak up the growing fleet supply

Tanker Norgas Cathinka

Out of a hole

RESULTS In the wake of deepening losses, IM Skaugen is planning to focus on its core activities in gas shipping and is looking to shed its peripheral businesses

Tanker Norgas Cathinka

Time is tight

TANK DEMAND The Middle East has for many years been seen as offering the potential for chemical production growth; now that it is arriving in huge volumes, there will be plenty of work for tank container operators. But there could also be pitfalls, as Middle East petrochemical supply chain consultant Leslie McCune points out

Tank Containers at Terminal

Cargo for hire

FLEET A more measured approach to managing the orderbook has helped the LPG sector avoid the worst of the recent downturn. However, operators cannot afford to be complacent and the need for self-restraint is still there

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