Code words

IMDG CODE Based on nearly five years of experience with its IMDG e-learning courses, Exis Technologies has developed an improved version that will be available in time for the next amendment

Ship carrying containers

Get properly stuffed

CONTAINERS Freight transport insurer TT Club reckons that around two-thirds of of the claims it handles feature cargo loss or damage, and one-third of those result from poor packing. It is time to take action

Men checking containers

Take the short cut

IMDG A new e-learning course aims to help shoreside staff keep up with the latest amendment to the IMDG Code, without the need for intensive re-training

Exis Technologies

Exis launches IMDG Code refresher course

Exis Technologies has launched a new refresher course for its IMDG Code e-learning package.

IMDG e-learning goes Dutch

Exis Technologies and New Learning Factory (NLF) have launched a Dutch language version of Exis’ International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code e-learning (Amendment 35-10)

Back to sea

IMDG The latest round of amendments has necessitated an update to IMDG Code training

Homework time

IMDG Computer-based training has found a significant new market following the introduction of mandatory training for shoreside staff in the latest version of the IMDG Code, with eight of the 20 largest shipping lines now using the Exis system

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