End of an era

MULTIMODAL At its last meeting of the 2013/14 biennium, the UN’s TDG Sub-committee swept up a lot of outstanding issues. The new chairman will, though, still have plenty on his plate for the coming years


Gloves off

CONFERENCE REPORT San Antonio’s new Grand Hyatt offered a home-from-home for DGAC delegates at last year’s annual conference. With all the recent shenanigans at DOT, there was plenty of opportunity to have a collective grumble and bandy around some arguments

UN addresses LQ provisions

Objections aside
MULTIMODAL The most significant achievement of the UN experts at their December session was reaching agreement on the difficult topic of limited quantity markings.

The silver lining

CONFERENCE REPORT The rush to put in place security regulations after 9/11 raised concerns that there could be a conflict with existing safety provisions. As last year's DGAC conference heard, however, their implementation is bringing opportunities for business improvement, as well as for service suppliers

Seven thousand feet up

CONFERENCE REPORT The thin air of New Mexico energised delegates and speakers at last year's DGAC conference, which was just as well as following the programme required an alert mind.

Walk the line

The 'enterprise approach' being taken by DOT and PHMSA means that contact with the regulated industry is vital to support rulemaking decisions and generate the data that underpin them. DGAC's 29th annual conference offered an ideal opportunity for regulators and industry to get together and, broadly speaking, industry seemed to like what it heard

Back to the real world

Some regulators like to put it about that there are no more major changes in the pipeline. That's not what it feels like for industry and last year's DGAC annual conference gave delegates plenty to think about

The Montreal deal

One of the lengthiest and most contentious meetings of the ICAO Dangerous Goods Panel ended last November in agreement on some far-reaching provisions. Those who ship dangerous goods by air should be aware that there are some significant changes coming, some as soon as next year

Packed peace of mind

Few things in life are as complex and potentially confusing as the regulations governing the transport of dangerous goods by air. Fortunately, for air shippers in the US, help is now at hand in the guise of Labelmaster Packing Services/DGM

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