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IMDG CODE Based on nearly five years of experience with its IMDG e-learning courses, Exis Technologies has developed an improved version that will be available in time for the next amendment

Ship carrying containers

30 years ago

A look back at what was news in the May 1984 issue of HCB

Sometimes it seems as if nothing ever changes. For confirmation, just look at the front page stories from our May 1984 issue:

- “Some 30 per cent of dangerous goods moving through Europe transit the Port of Antwerp’s docks…”

Updated help on IMDG

The UK P&I Club has reissued its Book it Right and Pack it Tight series of booklets, which offer help in applying the requirements of the IMDG Code.

The perils of packing

CONTAINERS Pressure is building on shippers to do more to prevent accidents and incidents arising as a consequence of improperly packed containers, particularly those carrying dangerous goods. TT Club’s Peregrine Storrs-Fox* examines the issues

Damaged packaging

Share the load

CONTAINER SHIPPING The liner conference system introduces problems into the dangerous goods supply chain. James Douglas* looks at an initiative to help simplify the management of booking dangerous goods between partner container lines

Containers stored in the open

Get properly stuffed

CONTAINERS Freight transport insurer TT Club reckons that around two-thirds of of the claims it handles feature cargo loss or damage, and one-third of those result from poor packing. It is time to take action

Men checking containers

Religion, politics and inner packaging

DECLARATION Some topics are best avoided in a conversation among friends. When those ‘friends’ are deepsea container lines and their shipper clients, a conversation on inner packaging can get heated. Tim Gossett* tries to bust some myths

Tim Gossett

The Code in brief

SEA Amendment 36-12 to the IMDG Code is available for use from January 1, 2013. Users will find some major changes in the new edition

Tanker YM Hamburg
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