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INLAND WATERWAYS The ADN experts may well meet along with their counterparts expert in road and rail transport but in truth many of their concerns are unique to the inland shipping business. So much was obvious at their latest session, with the 2015 text looming

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INLAND WATERWAYS The ADN experts got through a remarkably lengthy and varied agenda at their August meeting but one cannot help but think that their extensive deliberations on the carriage of LNG as fuel and cargo would benefit from the input of other experts in that field

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INLAND WATERWAYS The ADN experts have to deal with a number of subjects – the use of LNG being one of the latest examples – that are of no consequence to their colleagues in the land transport sectors. The role of classification societies in helping reach technical decisions is therefore very important

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INLAND WATERWAYS The first task before the ADN experts this year was to ensure that the regulations reflect the changes to ADR and RID. After that, they got on to some juicy discussions specific to inland waterway transport

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INLAND WATERWAYS The ADN Agreement is unusual insofar as it deals with cargo shipped in bulk as well as in tanks and packages. The ADN experts therefore have to address a large number of issues that the comparable regulations for land transport in Europe do not touch

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INLAND WATERWAYS With multimodal issues being discussed by the joint experts, the ADN Safety Committee contents itself mainly with issues related to vessel design and operation.

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