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The good, the bad…

CONFERENCE REPORT Regulators must balance the need for safety with the practical implications of the restrictions they impose. They may not always get it right, but as delegates to the VCA seminar this year heard, they face a lot of complexity

Environment Agency worker inspecting bags

Working for the clampdown

ROAD TANKERS Authorities in the UK are tightening their oversight of third-party certifications after it emerged that there were problems with certificates issued by at least one inspection body

GRW road tanker

Authorisation for GRW tankers

The UK government has issued an authorisation (No 409) under the CDG Regulations, to permit the continued use of road tanker vehicles manufactured by GRW Engineering in South Africa.

Quis custodiet?

CONSTRUCTION The UK has discovered a significant number of substandard road tankers in operation, with the fault being laid at the door of the initial type approval. Removing or improving these tanks is one issue, but this may well be just the tip of an iceberg

Welding arm operated by worker on tank container

Now and next

EQUIPMENT October’s Gastech show in London previewed some of the technological innovations that will soon be commercially available as the LNG transport sector moves into another new age

Gastech 2012 stands

Perolo launches foot-valve

Tank container and road tanker component manufacturer Perolo has introduced its Neatflow MKIII external spring foot-valve.

ADN another thing…

INLAND WATERWAYS With multimodal issues being discussed by the joint experts, the ADN Safety Committee contents itself mainly with issues related to vessel design and operation.

Tankers on Inland Waterway

NMM leads on green standard

Northern Marine Management Ltd, the ship management division of Stena AB, is the first shipping company to be certified according to the new BS ISO 50001-2011 – Energy Management Systems standard, following an audit by Bureau Veritas.

Fiba ISO certified

Bureau Veritas Certification North America (BV) has awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification to pressure vessel manufacturer Fiba Technologies.

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