Asian Tank Container Organisation (@TCO)

Mister 10 per cent

FLEET The global tank container fleet grew by 10 per cent last year, according to data collated by industry veteran Reg Lee. He expects a similar increase in tank output this year

Tank container built in China

Safety is a serious business

ASIA China represents a significant emerging market for tank containers but there are impediments to growth. At its recent meeting in Shanghai, @tco discussed how the obstacles to development might be overcome

ATCO 2013 delegates in Shanghai

Well bladdered

FLEXITANKS The bag-in-box concept has been around for at least forty years but its use is becoming more widespread. Many players in the liquids supply chain are voicing concerns about the safety of flexitanks, which must be very carefully used if they are to operate without loss of product

Truck with cargo on road with leak

Don’t fear the beam

BEAM TANKS Another case where a port has misunderstood the safety of beam tanks has arisen, and an industry group has been quickly effective at educating the port and getting a ban on the tanks lifted

Sinochem beam tank

Lifetime guarantee

MEETING REPORT @atco held its annual general meeting in Singapore last month, offering a platform to help chemical shippers and logistics providers learn more about tank containers and their effective use in the supply chain. Rahita Elias went along to find out more

Reg Lee and Graham Wood from @TCO

Another depot gets @tco nod

Nanjing Shenyan ISOtank Service Co has become the latest tank depot to be audited and approved by the Asian Tank Container Organisation (@tco) against its depot standards.

Tank fleet still growing

DATA Getting fleet information from tank container operators is not an easy task, as HCB knows only too well. But industry veteran Reg Lee has been collating production data for more than a decade and calculates that the global fleet is growing strongly

Tank containers stacked up with cars in front

Care in the community

ASSOCIATION Two years after its formation, @tco is making good progress in fulfilling its goals of promoting the safe use of tank containers in Asia. At its recent AGM in Shanghai speakers gave more details of the initiatives it has started, most notably in cooperation with Chinese shippers

ATCO 2012 AGM in Shanghai


SHIPPING The position of tank containers in the intermodal supply chain means that operators have to rely on deepsea container lines to get product to market. Relations between the two parties have not always been easy – but perhaps things are beginning to change

Ship with Den Hartogh tanks on
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