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As tank container use expands throughout Asia, @tco's role in setting and maintaining standards becomes more significant


Tanks a lot

There may be disagreement over the actual numbers, but industry groups agree that the global tank fleet is growing at a healthy rate, spurred by falling prices for new tanks and rising demand, especially in Asia 

Tank container storage

Dow wants Asian audits

Dow Chemical has issued a strong recommendation that its logistics service providers in Asia use only those tank cleaning depots that have been approved by the Asian Tank Container Organisation (@tco).

Gas on the tracks

LNG China is a leading user of LNG in road transport applications but the distribution chain is hampered by a ban on the movement of LNG by rail in tank containers. A recent seminar looked at what can be done

China LNG

Squeaky clean

MEETING REPORT Rapid growth in tank container use in the Asia-Pacific region is generating a similar surge in the availability of tank depots. But, as @tco has long stressed, quality is key to ensuring safety in tank operation

@TCO 2014 AGM in Shanghai - Presenter on stage

Keep it clean

CLAIMS A detailed survey of tank container claims by the TT Club reveals that cargo contamination is the major source of damage

At the recent general meeting of the Asia Tank Container Organisation (@tco), Phillip Emmanuel, Asia-Pacific regional director of the TT Club, revealed the results of a study the Club has done on tank container claims.

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Contamination the number one issue for tanks

Nearly half of all insurance claims in the tank container sector result from contamination, the TT Club says.

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